My interest in health began more than 30 years ago. After competing at national level in Australian sport and maintaining a high level of physical fitness for many years, I began to explore not only the physical aspects of wellbeing but also nutrition, holistic medicine and yogic philosophy. This led me to a change in profession, away from the business world and into the health profession via SLM Myotherapy bodywork which I have practised for the last 20 years. Throughout this time I have continuously studied with many great teachers including Mark Breadner (Yoga Coach), Melanie McLaughin (This is Yin), Paul Grilley (Yin Yoga), Huon & Petra Fleitcher (Kudos Gym) and Steve Lockhard (SLM) and I have been empowered with their knowledge, experience and wisdom in many different areas.

Their combined insights recognise that treating the body as a whole – on all levels – physically, spiritually and emotionally, is the most effective way to support individuals to achieve long-term health outcomes and their highest potential. Based on these teachings and my own practise and experience, I have in turn developed a holistic program called “Change 4 Life”.

My purpose has always been to assist, support, coach and teach my clients to move towards greater health and vitality in a drug free and healthy way especially as they age, and to ensure they have more knowledge to support their wellbeing. I have worked with, and improved the outcomes of clients with chronic and acute pain and injury along with other longstanding health conditions to achieve a higher quality of life for them.