Essential Movement Training

To have quality and vitality for life, we need to increase our mobility, flexibility and agility through our joints, connective tissue, bones and muscles, along with improving strength, power, and natural coordination. This becomes especially important as we age and that is why I have developed this program to be effective across all age groups, and see a particular benefit for clients over 40.

Essential Movements are performed naturally and effectively. These are patterns that we move in unconsciously in everyday life, such as squatting, pulling, reaching, and sitting down. In their correct form these movements are mechanically sound, therefore safe for the body.

To maintain a good quality of life we need to perform everyday movements in an unrestricted and pain free way. Discovering, strengthening and learning these patterns can achieve these benefits. Enjoy personal training or small group sessions (maximum 3 people) either on its own or as part of a personalised Change4Life program.

Over the last 20 years treating and working with a wide variety of clients from various backgrounds and age groups, most people at some stage of their life have experienced an injury, pain, or restriction of movement.

Essential movement training as a part of my Change4Life program, has 3 main components- the science of Yoga, the use of Kettle Bells and utilizing your own body weight in exercises. Within a personal or group training session these aspects are combined to ultimate effect improving strength, flexibility and assisting weight loss.


Russian Kettle bell training is exceptionally effective, efficient and simple. Without needing specialised equipment (barbells, dumbbells, weight machines) kettle bell training assists in accomplishing the goals for anybody. The kettle bell has many significant advantages over other exercise equipment and systems, resulting from its innate simplicity.

Russian kettle bells allow you to exercise in natural movement patterns. This translates into a strong, flexible, lean, conditioned body that has increased mobility and utility in everyday life.


We start and finish every session with some form of Yoga, either a flowing practise or just holding the poses for a length of time (Yin Yoga) bringing movement, awareness, and energy flow into the body. This assists us in being mindful as to how our body is feeling. We finish off each session with some breathing exercises, (Pranayama) purifying the nerves and cleansing the body of toxins that might have built up through the training, and then enjoy some relaxation time (Shavasna).


Simply watch a child in a playground – they run, jump, crawl, climb, HAVE FUN using their own body weight. I teach these basic movements for fitness and FUN.

Each session will go for an hour and a quarter. To maintain focus on each individual there will be no more than 3 people in any one group. There are no mirrors or loud music! and you don’t have to wear shoes. The emphasis is on you, empowering you and assisting you to achieve your goals including weight loss and better health.

This may take time and hard work, as everyone has different goals to achieve and different restrictions to their body type. Each individual programme is designed to put safety before performance in regard to mobility, flexibility, as well as strength and power work, we do not isolate particular muscles or muscle groups, we mindfully approach the use of the body as a whole. The correct technique must be perfected for safety and performance. Rather than mindless repetitions, we need to approach technique as the first step in your overall fitness. THE MAGIC IS IN THE MOVEMENT.

This will get the results that you require in a safe and fun environment.

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