Being pain free is a state of being that most of us take for granted, however at times due to injury or stress our bodies can experience pain & discomfort. Many Australians now have to live with constant levels of pain due to a variety of reasons, and the SCENAR is an effective, drug free method which can not only alleviate pain but also assist the body in healing itself.

A SCENAR treatment can be experienced as a stand alone treatment or in combination with Myotherapy and the other components of the Change4Life program depending on your individual circumstances. You may require assistance to speed up post operative or injury recovery, or for more ongoing issues such as arthritis or joint pain.


The SCENAR (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a hand-held, electro-stimulation therapeutical medical device. SCENAR therapy is unique because it interactively locates, measures, and prompts problem areas in the body (asymmetries) through the skin to help relieve pain and restore function.

SCENAR works by helping the body to heal itself. As the body adjusts to many environmental and internal influences it is said to be maintaining homeostasis. When the body is unable to adjust to impacts and influences it may go into physical dysfunction and pathology. SCENAR seeks to help the body regain homeostasis by finding and treating ‘asymmetries’ which are tell tale signs and areas where homeostasis is not present. This is the central principle of the SCENAR treatment approach and this means that SCENAR can be used to treat problems anywhere in the body.


SCENAR acts non-invasively and non-toxically through the skin using reflex responses to both measure bio-feedback and prompt bio-feedforward of the nervous system. It can be classified as short-pulse electrotherapy yet SCENAR differs considerably from other types of electro-stimulation (e.g. acupuncture, conventional TENS, micro-current).

Sophisticated SCENAR electrical impulses, the parameters of which are similar to endogenous nerve impulses, are transmitted through the skin to the nervous system. Each impulse is different from the previous one as it changes according to the body’s responses. SCENARs reflex bio-feedback, in concert with bio-feedforward, is in continuous two-way communication with the body.

SCENAR utilizes high amplitude signals and stimulates the very small and much more numerous C-nerve fibres. These fibres are responsible for the production of many different neurotransmitters (neuropeptides and other regulatory peptides), including natural painkillers. This conventionally explains the effectiveness of SCENAR therapy. It is these biochemicals that in turn re-establish the body’s natural physiological state. As these biochemical’s last up to several hours or more, the healing process will normally continue for hours or even weeks after the treatment is over. The effects of these changes in chemistry on the Central Nervous System will also result in the treatment of one area aiding with the treatment of other imbalances. This goes some way to explaining how old and often forgotten problems (unfinished business) are brought to the surface for treatment. NB Some painful problems may briefly exacerbate (i.e. get worse) sooner after a course of SCENAR treatment begins.


As therapeutic interactive stimulation, SCENAR doesn’t treatment any condition just by itself, its purpose is to create a dynamic, a change that stimulates the body’s own natural healing processes. The most pronounced and immediate effect after application of the SCENAR device is pain relief, which often lasts a lot longer than after use of regular means of pain control. Some patients have found more pain relief after SCENAR treatment than from administered opiates. This was confirmed by the Russian experience including a wealth of information from research papers, clinical reports and training manuals.


In Russia, many health practitioners currently use the device as their principal instruments of treatment. The device is used there on most types of disorder or injury; musculoskeletal and dental problems. It has also been found to be beneficial with endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders as well as stress, depression and mental disturbances. The SCENAR is further credited with vastly reducing recovery times. In accident and emergency wards its ability to aid in recovery is used to help those with burns, fractures, insect bites, allergic reactions, cardiac arrest, trauma, coma and many types of sports injuries.


As SCENAR impulse is similar to endogenous nerve impulses, it is non-damaging and safe. However people with cardiac pacemakers are not allowed to have SCENAR treatment (NB pregnant women are not usually treated in the West).


SCENAR was developed for the Russian space program to overcome the unique problems of space travel by doctors and scientists in the late 1970s. Today SCENAR is a mainstream medical modality in Russia and there it has very many applications.


SCENAR is not an experimental therapy. In Russia SCENAR is a mainstream medical modality. The Russian experience suggests that it can be effectively used on patients suffering with a very broad range of disorders and diseases. SCENAR has been authorized for clinical use by the Health Ministry of Russia since 1986. Today SCENAR is finding increasing acceptance by practitioners in many countries. Russian results are supported by five years feedback in Europe, USA and Australia. Health practitioners, therapists, as well as members of the public, now use SCENAR devices to great effect worldwide.

In Australia, there are two SCENAR devices currently listed on the ARTG with the TGA, the SCENAR Professional and the ENAR Personal. Formal research trials by the Macquarie University, Sydney, on the ENAR have confirmed chronic pain relief, disability reduction, functional rehabilitation, and also restoration to normal of general health, including mental and emotional health. Importantly, ALL positive effects catalogued in the research trial were sustained for the entire follow up period of 6 months AFTER the end of the treatment. (Chronic Neck Pain/Dysfunction, study of the effects of ENAR, Macquarie University, 2004).


After an initial history taking and digitalized assessment, SCENAR treatment will be performed according to your needs. While the SCENAR is run over the spine, abdomen or affected area, a gentle tingling/stroking sensation will be felt. Although these areas may not seem to directly relate to the obvious symptoms often they will be showing distinctive signs. By treating these anomalies or ‘asymmetries’ a dynamic change is generated and the healing process is facilitated. The initial treatment can take up to one hour. Patients generally experience an increase in energy, more refreshing sleep and an improved sense of wellbeing. Children can be treated, and animals enjoy it. SCENAR treatments are guided by the body’s responses.

How often will I need a treatment?

In order to create a sufficient flow of regulative peptides SCENAR action is usually more frequent at the beginning of the course of treatments. As one improves the frequency can be reduced. This is particularly true of acute problems that respond well to more intensive and frequent treatments. Chronic problems may require a more measured and gentler treatment regime. A course of treatments will vary greatly from individual to individual, and will depend on such factors as the stage and response level of the pathological process, the person’s age, overall state of health, lifestyle and so on.

What about my conventional treatment?

It is better that your doctor knows you are receiving this treatment. It is hoped that any nonessential drugs can be reduced or eliminated over time and your doctor needs to be involved in that.

What else do I need to know?

For best results it is advisable not to bathe or shower for two hours before or after treatment, nor to engage in demanding ort stressful activities during that period. It may be necessary to shave an area of skin to ensure good communication between the device and body.

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