Our Autonomic Nervous System can be divided into the Sympathetic (fight and flight) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (sleep, eat and heal).

When the Sympathetic is ON, the Parasympathetic is OFF, and vice versa.

The sympathetic nervous system is ON when:

  • When we are in danger or being hurt,
  • When our PH is acidic
  • When we become allergic to the foods we eat,
  • When we have an actual trauma
  • When our body is stressed

When our Sympathetic System keeps on at 24-hours, 7 days a week we develop typical chronic disease and chronic fatigue because:

We have Parasympathetic Nervous System Shutdown

Parasympathetic shutdown means:

pain_relief_g16That ‘fight or flight’ adrenaline stimulates the heart to work hard and send blood to the muscles so we can fight and run. As a result we don’t have normal blood supply and enervation to our gut, and we don’t make enzymes to break down and prepare our food for absorption into the system – the food won’t be absorbed… even if we eat a perfect diet.





Parasympathetic shutdown means:

pain_relief_g12The large intestine won’t work; its main function is to conserve water. As digestive sludge is delivered to the large intestine it normally extracts water, but without normal blood supply and enervation, a waxy, oily coat is developing and the wall of the large intestine becomes leaky and inflamed. This allows large protein molecules to enter the blood and cause allergies. The blood tries excreting them through the sinuses, and this stress to the sinuses in turn causes sinusitis. Debris feed Candida and parasites, killing them does little! They will keep returning until the parasympathetic system is re-activated.




When the Sympathetic System is on, it also turns on all the endocrine glands-

  • The brain makes more Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine
  • The thyroid produces more hormones in order to speed up metabolism
  • The parathyroid produces more hormones to increase calcium to be used for the nerve impulse conduction and muscular contraction
  • The pancreas makes more insulin


pain_relief_g16The adrenals produce more of adrenaline and cortisol, so more sugar will be available. The gonads will produce more of sex hormones to keep us stronger.

In the whole, we run out of nutrients since we cannot absorb them; we run out of raw materials to make hormones and we drive ourselves to exhaustion.




pain_relief_g18Lack of adrenaline (the main hormone of the sympathetic system) makes it hard to deal with stress, lack of cortisol and insulin makes us hypoglycaemic, the whole metabolism slows down and we start gaining weight, our brain cannot function clearly, the while immune system becomes weak and we are more susceptible to infectious diseases.




This all leads to anxiety, anger and depression.

In such a situation there is only one possible solution… turn OFF the Sympathetic system and turn back ON the Parasympathetic system.

SCENAR Therapy stimulates the Parasympathetic System and causes a gradual shift of activity from the Sympathetic System to the Parasympathetic system and eventually restores the balance between the two.