“To those people looking for relief and possible correction of long term problems with various body parts, I must recommend that you see Glenn Walmsley. The background to my injury was that I tore ligaments and crushed a bone in my ankle in November 2011, up until this point I was a very active 58 yr old Physical Education teacher.  I had a succession of treatments that included 3 different approaches from 3 different qualified and recommended Physios in the Byron Bay area resulting in about 56 visits over the last 4 years. I continued to teach in some form but with obvious restriction until June 2014. Long periods in Moon boots, frustration and pain all the time. Courses of cortisone. This also included surgery in 2013 to remove part of my ankle bone in the hope that I would be cured! The specialist wanted to operate again to shorten tendons and remove arthritis some 8 months later. After a poor result from the previous surgery, I put it off, hoping that time would heal me. Another visit to another surgeon this year recommended fusing of the ankle as the only solution. I was using strong pain killers most nights and through the day, with minimal effect, could only walk short distances, no more jogging, surfing and limited activity prospects.

I was about to embark on this course through sheer frustration, when I happened to be recommended to try Glenn and his approach with Scenar technology and Myotherapy, including massage and management. This included work on my back with excellent results. I also took up his Yin Yoga classes to work in conjunction with the treatment which is an excellent adjunct to his philosophy of treatment. After the first scenar session my ankle felt sore but different. I continued the treatments for a further 2 sessions with rapid improvement to the point now where I am pain free for the first time since November 2011. That is, the majority of my day and nights I have no pain in my ankle! I realise that I must continue to build and strengthen it, and maintain the flexibility. My ankle feels stronger now, more flexible and mobile and I am amazed at the result, having resigned myself to further surgery with limited function and no guarantee of success. I will continue to do the Yin Yoga classes as part of the maintenance of my ankle and for the enjoyment and energy that it brings. I hope this convinces the reader that Glenn may be the answer to the problems that you are experiencing.

Roly Dixon, Lennox Head, Nov 2016

“I have known Glenn Walmsley for over two years. Glenn was recommended to me by one of his other clients, a friend of mine, who could see that I needed some help, as I was struggling with a knee issue.

I had been doing the Lighthouse Run in Byron Bay, running down hill, down the stairs and putting far too much stress on my knee and ended with a complex tear of the meniscus, identified via an MRI scan.

My knee was now almost locked in place, quite painful and I walked with a limp. Within the first three weeks of treatment, once per week, Glenn had my knee moving and the pain had reduced. With further treatments, about once per month, I regained full movement.

Glenn also trains me in fitness. I really love his methodology. We use my own body weight and only one piece of equipment, bells and medicine balls. It is very low impact and can range from low intensity/light weight to high intensity/heavier weight dependent on body position and equipment used.

We also use a considerable amount of stretching yoga style exercises to assist with flexibility. I can certainly see and feel the difference and the improvement each week.

I can highly recommend Glenn, for anyone wishing to rid themselves of pain issues and to develop healthy, flexible and strong bodies using low impact but highly effective training methods.”

John Brenko, Byron Bay April 2016

“I have had a bulging disc in my lower back for a number of years which is exacerbated by a desk based job, usually the pain is manageable, but every now and then I would have an ‘episode’ meaning that I would have trouble sitting and walking without incurring excruciating pain. I had tried massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy to help ease my condition and manage the pain – all to of no avail.

A number of friends urged me to go and see Glenn. The SCENAR treatment that Glenn applies when my discomfort is at its highest, provides great pain relief. I have also felt the benefits of a Myotherapy treatment almost instantly – the alignment of my muscles in my back are straightened and centred. My back condition has now become manageable and seeing Glenn has become integral to that. I have recommended Glenn to at least 4 people and will continue to do so – he is now known to my friends and I, as the ‘Back Whisperer’ because of the unique skill of how he treats the human body! ”

Katie Aveling, Sydney. March 2016


“I first started seeing Glenn in Dec 2010, having searched everywhere for a solution to my debilitating back pain. I have suffered from torn and protruding disc problems in my lower back, and had tried doctors, a neurosurgeon, physio, chiropractor, and even acupuncture – all without lasting results.

Before the pain started, I was a keen runner and did boxing training twice a week. In trying to cope with the pain, I was unable to exercise, had problems coping at work, and was prescribed heavy addictive painkillers. I felt there was no one to help me.

And then I met Glenn.

First, he got me out of pain. Glenn understood what I was going through, made me feel at ease and explained everything before the treatment. Using a combination of SCENAR therapy and myotherapy, Glenn helped restore balance to my body and relieved my pain. Most importantly he gave me hope!

I then undertook a functional assessment with Glenn, using his Yoga Coach program. He measured and assessed my joints, muscles and how I move, to identify any weaknesses and imbalances present in my body, which were causing my problems and pain. He then designed a program of stretches and strengthening movements tailored specifically to my body. He also helped with other parts of my life, such as diet and how to cope with stress.

Glenn has been there whenever I need him for support along the way, committed to my recovery. All of this has helped me become more positive. The best part about the program is that it empowered me to help myself. I have been able to play a role in my own recovery and I have these tools to use whenever I need. I’m now able to exercise again, go back to boxing training and also yoga.

I highly recommend Glenn and encourage you to try his treatment, especially the Yoga Coach program. My life has changed for the better because of this.”

Leonie Frazer, Sydney Dec 2015


“I have been a client of Glenn’s for over 6 years now, during which time I have completed either a marathon or a few half marathons each year around the world, including Boston, London, Rome, Paris, and Sydney. Glenn has even answered messages from these places prior to races if I felt unsure about any minor injury or concern I may have had.

Were it not for Glenn’s monthly sessions, I am sure I would have struggled to not only complete the events but to continue to train on a regular basis. Any time I had a little injury Glenn was able to reduce the pain and ensure that I was back running soon after. Glenn has also introduced me to a far broader spectrum of exercises, stretches, diet and other lifestyle habits to ensure that I met my personal fitness goals – which as anyone over 40 knows gets harder every year.

I have also continued playing golf on a regular basis during this time (3 times a month) to help ensure my flexibility was maintained and back remained in good shape – I am sure this helped me remain an A grade player at Royal Sydney.

An important attribute of any professional such as Glenn is their bedside manner. This is one of the reasons I started going to Glenn as he takes a real interest in you as a client and ensuring your body stays in ‘tip-top’ shape. I have been seeing remedial massage experts for over 15 years now and found Glenn to be not only the most personable but also the best at his game. Any friend I have referred to Glenn over the years has always been very happy with his work and advice.

You are in very safe hands with Glenn.”

Brent Cubis, Sydney Aug 2015


“I started attending therapy with Glenn in August 2007. My back was causing me so much concern at that stage I could hardly walk, let alone play any sport – especially golf.

His caring and methodical treatment over the years has enabled me to play golf, run and surf again. The preventative maintenance of myotherapy has kept my core aligned and back strong.

I recently returned to see Glenn after his well earned sabbatical away from the clinic. My body responded immediately and I posted my best golf scores in fifteen years. ( Refer evidence on www.golfink.com.au ).

The mind may always be willing, but if the body cannot respond, it cannot be done. Glenn you are truly a professional.”

Paul Allison (aged 58) 2015


Thank God for Glenn and the SCENAR!

For the past 20 years I’ve suffered from debilitating pain. I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CRPS (labels the doctors hand out when they can’t figure out what’s wrong). Last year I had an operation for a frozen right shoulder. And no sooner had that healed, it appeared in the left shoulder (with bursitis thrown in for good measure!) I was informed about SCENAR therapy when I was picked up from my orthopod’s surgery by a cabbie who had suffered back pain for years until discovering this therapy. He suggested I try it.

Given that I didn’t want another operation, I decided to give it a go. I was extremely sceptical as I’d been told by many therapists in the past “I can fix you – you’ll be better in no time at all”. I’d get very excited and then depressed when nothing came of it – in most cases, I felt worse. I must be out of pocket to the tune of approx $100,000 – I’ve tried so many therapies (some too way out to mention).

So it was with great scepticism that I first visited Glenn (who was recommended by the distributors of the SCENAR device as being “one of the best in the business and very highly-trained in SCENAR therapy”.
v I was in a lot of pain and very depressed – I felt as though there was little point to my life. I couldn’t make plans as I was never sure if I’d feel well enough on the day and have to make up excuses when I couldn’t show up. The treatment felt wonderful and I thought “no biggie if this doesn’t work, it is SO relaxing”.

After the treatment, the range of motion in my frozen yet painless shoulder vastly improved and I was pain-free for about 5 days. Also, I now sleep through the nights without waking in pain (can’t recall the last time that happened). I’m now on my 5th visit and going great guns. I’ve also noticed that other problems that I suffered with have disappeared – headaches, tummy pain, stinging skin, balance issues etc. I attribute their disappearance to the treatments.

I have no hesitation in recommending Glenn and his SCENAR – together they are nothing short of a miracle. I’ve now lost that overwhelming feeling of “I’m going to have to live the rest of my life this way, depressed, angry, resentful and in constant pain – why bother”. I feel very positive now and have even purchased a device for home where I “experiment” on other body parts and my housemate! Of course, I don’t get anywhere near the results I do with Glenn because he has been trained by the very best – but it makes me feel as though I’m taking part in my rehabilitation/revitalisation.”

K. Mitchell (Surry Hills, NSW) 2015


“I was referred to Glenn Walmsley about 18 months ago for treatment about a damaged knee. I had been told by an orthopaedic surgeon that I had bone on bone in my knee and there was nothing could be done by him to improve my situation. The next step was for an operation for a knee reconstruction to be performed and as a result I would never run again. I told the doctor I was a keen football referee and I wished to continue, but he told me to forget that dream.

I commenced treatment with Glenn. Not only has the pain gone, but also I am back refereeing, running and enjoying it. The treatment is non-invasive and he is a thoughtful practitioner. I am still not entirely sure what the treatment is, but I know it works.

I would recommend it to anyone.”

Philip Parbury (Philp Parbury & Associates. Sydney) 2014


“I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus (Glandular Fever) early February 2005. My doctor was very supportive and helpful but had to advise me that western medicine has no solution to my virus. I was advised to just have as much bed rest as possible, which meant weeks off work and could of meant months if not years of continuing chronic fatigue until I made a full recovery.

I decided to try and regain my health naturally and to support my body as much as possible which is when I came across Glenn Walmsley who practices Myotherapy. I had weekly appointments from April which literally turned my body and symptoms around. When I started I suffered from Chronic Fatigue, Muscle Aches, Poor Digestion, Sore & Ineffective Liver and uncomfortable swollen glands throughout my body especially in the back of my neck. As early as the first appointment I could feel an increase in my energy levels it was truly amazing.

Glenn explained everything that he was going to do beforehand and answered any questions I had, he made me feel completely comfortable and gave me determination and hope that my health was going to improve. After myotherapy I felt re-energised, well balanced and any aches and pains I had were gone and movement was unrestricted (especially in my neck). Glenn was compassionate to my situation and always had great advice to ease the burden of the virus. Myotherapy is a really amazing therapy and I was astounded by the results especially the energy it gave my body which then enabled me to go back to work and continue with my life healthily.”

Yvette Hamilton 2014


“For ten years, up until the time when I was referred to Glenn for Remedial Massage treatment, I suffered continual ‘off and on’ lower back pain, sometimes quite severe. The pain would regularly venture down my left hamstring. Since my school days I’ve always been involved in all kind of sports, including teaching aerobics, taking part in long distance running, swimming and cycling. Over the last four (I put up the pain for far too long!), I have had to cut back my sporting enjoyment as no chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist was able to ease my pain. After only my second treatment at Glenn’s clinic my lower back pain was considerably painless. In total I’ve had approximately 4-5 treatments on a regularly basis and I’m very happy to say that I’m back to enjoying the odd run and am swimming as well as cycling. I have now found love for Bikram Yoga. Gone are the days when I cringe with pain whilst getting out of bed in the mornings. It’s great!”

Nicola Brown 2013


“Glenn has been a saviour, having dealt with chronic neck/upper shoulder issues for many years and having repeated and differing treatments with minimal success, glenn has provided a relief and result that I have been looking for,with his amazingly calming nature and focus on the holistic nature of the body it is quite amazing what he can achieve. He truly is worth seeking out should you be looking for an extremely talented therapist.”

Katherine 2013