What is Change 4 Life?

Change4Life aims to assist you to make positive changes and improvements to your body. It teaches you to live in your body with awareness, and maintain positive changes you have made to your lifestyle, and in turn, your health and wellbeing.

Change4Life incorporates 4 main modalities, all of which are offered individually to our clients, ideally incorporating all four elements into your lifestyle leads to optimum health.

This holistic new approach aims to make positive changes to your life. You have the ability to improve your longevity and to have a better quality of life, with a body free from pain. Enjoy having an unrestricted range of movement, a feeling of strength and vibrancy, with a nervous system that is free from any energy blockages. Use your breath’s potential to create a serene and calm state and assist your mind to have one point of focus.

Change4Life is a very holistic way of bringing your body back into flow. Imbalances in your body can be caused by emotion, stress, lifestyle, and chemical imbalances. Glenn can treat a wide range of physical, emotional, mental, and neurological conditions, as well as general & chronic illnesses.

Change4Life suits people of all ages, fitness levels and lifestyles (Private Health rebates available). A program is based around you and your individual needs and requirements, which is why it is so well suited for any body, no matter what your current age or fitness level. Using four modalities I develop an individual programme especially for you using all or a combination of the following modalities (or you can enjoy these individually – not as part of a program):

– SLM Myotherapy (re-balancing of the body via therapeutic bodywork)
– Scenar therapy (when appropriate for pain relief or injury healing)
– Yoga coaching (mindfulness, yin yoga, goal setting & breath work)
– Essential Movement Therapy (using the natural movement patterns of the body to improve physical fitness)

If you are in a position to choose only one of these elements I strongly recommend starting with a Myotherapy treatment and then introducing the other modalities into your lifestyle as you see fit.

All life is energy and we are an energetic system. When our nervous and energetic system is blocked or not flowing, our energy (chi, or prana) will take a path of least resistance leaving different areas swampy and stagnant. If these energy pathways are not cleared there is a build up of toxins in these areas. It has been scientifically proven that accumulation of toxicity causes disease and illness in the body. The stresses and strains of every day living, along with a poor lifestyle can create imbalances in our Muscular Skeletal System and in turn lead to a range of symptoms. This can begin with small things such as restriction of movement, or loss of flexibility, strength and stability, through to inflammation, injury and then even lead to acute and chronic pain.

Myotherapy works on reintroducing this energy flow through your body, if required the SCENAR can assist you with pain issues, and in turn the other aspects of the program Mindfulness and Movement assist your long term health and wellbeing, with weight loss and stress reduction.

The aim of each of the 4 parts in your Change4Life personalised plan is to assist you in achieving a balanced body along with vitality, longevity, wellbeing and to give you the lifestyle practises to support this. Live healthily and happily – Change 4 Life can assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for YOU.